Polish cut-outs

19.01.2018 — 10.03.2018

About artist

January 19th 2018, 7pm, Ego Gallery, Poznan
Opening of the Alicja Biała exhibition with the authorial participation of Marcin Świetlicki

Poland (a set of patriotic songs) is an authorial choice of Marcin Świetlicki’s poems which was created on the occasion of the 100 th anniversary of regaining the independence. Alicja Biała, a young visual artist, undertook the task of picturing the Motherland. Polish cut-outs is a cycle of several dozen works made in the technique of photomontage, comprising symbols, motifs and emblems building a collective identity of the Polish. The exhibition presents both works reproduced in the book as well as the ones that are included there. Asked what her compositions say about the contemporary Poland, the artist stated that ‘it is cut and glued sloppily, skimpily, being hangovered, chaotically – and it is not known how on earth it manages to stay in one piece’.
ALICJA BIAŁA – an illustrator, graphic designer, visual artist. Graduated from Via University College and The Copenhagen School of Design and Technology in Denmark. At present she continues her education at The Royal College of Art in London. Her illustrations are regularly published, among others in Denmark, Poland, Germany, China and Australia. She is also an author of murals which are placed in Poland, Portugal, Mexico – her latest work was created a few months ago in Kassel, Germany for the 14th edition of the contemporary art exhibition Dokumenta. The most recent individual exhibitions were held in Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology in California and Mute Gallery in Lisbon. The choice of the poems by Marcin Świetlicki Poland (a set of patriotic songs) is the first book with her works.