About artist

Born in 1946 in Łódź. In 1970 he graduated from the Painting Faculty at Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts. Since the very beginning he was regarded as an author of original abstract works evoking Russian constructivists. Until the mid-seventies he painted abstract compositions with saturated colors and differentiated spatial plans; then he developed his own, recognized style, which despite frequent modifications did not lose its general character. He created compositions from flat, sometimes transparent dynamic systems (i.e. using geometric shapes), suggesting the motif of still life and landscape. The artist willingly used letters of various shapes, graphic signs, half-tones, templates etc. These works single him out from the dominant academic movement and the abstract art continuously growing since the sixties (for instance famous exhibition in 1966. Primary Structures in New York).
Zakrzewski, contrary to many other adepts of art did not see the need to strongly divide art into abstract and figurative. These motifs mixed with each other and composed sort of trademark of WJZ painting and drawing. This period lasted until 1981 when he moved to United States. In the eighties W. Zakrzewski used linear forms placed in neutral backgrounds which underwent certain transformations according to a specified system. In the next decade he added photograph motifs to his paintings, creating series which were clearly autobiographical in character. In 1978/79 and 1982 resident stays in Amsterdam, invited by Stedeliijk Museum, in 1994 invited by de Pont Foundation; in 1995/96 in Berlin invited by Kunstlerhaus Bethanien. Since 2001 he works and lives in his native Warsaw.