He doesn’t like to buy toilet paper, but loves to talk shit

03.06.2020 — 22.06.2020

About artist

Piotr Macha

Born in the 1980s in Sosnowiec. A graduate of painting at the University of Arts in Poznań, where he currently works at the Faculty of Artistic Education and Curatorship, as well as at the Faculty of Media Arts. Passive stained glass window. In his practice he combines various media and forms of articulation from drawing through performance, poetry and analog film to sound. Author of video and music videos for Piernikowski, 1988, UZS, TNC, among others. Co-creator (with Siksa) of the punk musical “Stabat Mater Dolorosa”. A lover of experimental music and literature.

The virtual show of works entitled “he doesn’t like to buy toilet paper, but loves to talk shit” is a selection of the artist’s latest achievements created in two specific studios and a story about the time and ways of creating them. The exhibition is work in progress; during it, new topics will be added on a regular basis, including video stories and author’s comments about the presented works and about the methods of brewing coffee by the V-60 drip

“Siad”, akwarela na papierze, 55x75cm



“Talia(in progress)”, akwarela na papierze, 3 prace, 50×70 każda



“I am the arm”, akwarela na papierze, 100×70 cm



“Somewhere between Closed Alpha and open Beta” akwarela na papierze, 100×70 cm



“Donald Judd was here”, akwarela na papierze, papier milimetrowy, 50×70 cm



“Workers Leaving the Factory”, akwarela na papierze, 100×70 cm



“Dworek (projekt makatki)”, flamastry na papierze, 100x70cm



“Fps 1”, taśma na papierze, 40x50cm



“Fps 2”, taśma na papierze, 40x50cm



“Just a Quote”, akwarela na papierze, 55x70cm



“Białystok”, akwarela/tempera na papierze, 70x70cm



“Jem z ziemi”, akwarela na papierze, 50x70cm



“Tape simulacrum”, taśma, akwarela na papierze, 50x70cm



“Alvin Lucier was here”, flamastry na papierze, 100x70cm



“This is not a Rainbow”,  flamastry na papierze, 70×40



“Untitled Paleolithic Tools”, instalacja rysunkowa w pracowni



“Transformacja(Wszystkie reklamy z pierwszego wydania polskiego Playboya, grudzień 1992), instalacja w pracowni, 2020



“Cytuję zawartość kosza”, instalacja malarska w pracowni



“Wyścig”,2020,  instalacja malarska w pracowni



“Sine lico” flamastry, tusz na papierze 60x85cm



“Tylko Ty możesz To zobaczyć” akwarela na papierze, 55×75 cm



“Non-existing books, vol.420” akwarela, butapren na papierze, 100x70cm



“Crisis image or crisis of image” akwarela na papierze, 55×75 cm



“There’s no such thing as society”,  butapren, cienkopis na papierze, 30x40cm




“Deeper fakes”, akryl na płótnie, 46x38cm




“Dunk”, butapren, cienkopis na papierze, 30x40cm