Exhibition of bright paintings and a night of gloomy poetry

26.05.2017 — 30.06.2017

About artist

It is not easy to write about Ryszard Grzyb, since he, an eulogist of colour and absurd, is a multidimensional artist – a painter, a drawer but also a poet. Moreover, sport that the artist has been practicing for years (he trains karate, Thai boxing, long distance running to just name a few) completes his artistic creativity. ‘Painting is a never ending warm-up and hence it is so similar to the martial arts’ – says the artist-sportsman of an irrepressible energy. It is not easy to separate particular forms of his activity, although owing to its dynamics and vibrancy paintings full of intense colours visibly stand out. To be able to paint along the byword that ‘paintings should represent a category of the impossible, exceed boredom, be unreal, full of life and tension’, he unremittingly fuels a childlike curiosity in him (at the same time ripping off the cap of seriousness from our eyes), mixes threads, joins what is sublime with what is ludic and comic. The artist constantly emphasizes the connection of painting with poetry and gives his pieces of art elaborate titles which in themselves constitute autonomous beings and open the spectator to the new, startling forms of interpretation. He also indicates the proximity of both realms because, as he underlines, ‘a picture is a structure which resonates with a subtle tone of spirit of poetry which we not always can hear’. His poems, existential in content and melancholic in tone, prompt the reader to reflexion and say much about the erudition of their author (‘Another picture’, ‘Artaud’s sun beds’, ‘Accounting’). Another kind of poetic activity constitute written for years „ZdaniaNapowietrzne”(‘Overhead Sentences’) – a contemporary haiku of humoristic undercurrent (‘I am what you think’, ‘You rip what you saw and what did not’, ‘Japanese filched the Chinese paper when they were exhausted’). The artist always carries a notebook on him and frequently notes down overheard sentences and parts of conversations and the constructed play on words he sometimes calls ‘mushroom poetry’. Series of sentences, short and absurd, are a grotesque mini-commentary on our life. On May 26th 2017 in Ego Gallery Ryszard Grzyb will present pictures from his recent years and will also read out his newest poems.