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18.03.2022 — 14.05.2022

About artist

The painter of Belarusian origin (born on the 14th of March, 1957 in Walły Stacja in the Białystok Region) is one of the most distinct figures of Polish contemporary art. His diploma in 1984 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Professor Tadeusz Dominik’s Painting Studio) became a significant event in the capital of Poland and opened the way to the best galleries in the country and the world.

In 1985, the artist rented a school building in his hometown, which was the one he attended as a child. It was the time when the artist created the development plan of the building’s surroundings. He equipped the house with dovecotes and aviaries for ornamental birds. Years later, he enriched the area with the cultivation of colorful varieties of flowers (tulips, daffodils and georginas). He uses them for creating multi-colored natural compositions every year.

Although both paintings and painting installations by Tarasewicz are deeply grounded in the nature and the culture of the Orthodox Church, and they enchant with their play of intense, vivid colors and unusual luminosity, the author himself categorically distances from any allusiveness (he does not give any titles). He stresses the necessity of inerpreting art in the broader context of Eastern and Western cultures.

For years, the painter has been dividing his time between the village of Waliły, where he lives and works creatively, and his alma mater, where he runs the Painting Space Studio. He is a laureate of many awards, and his works belong to various prestigious art collections such as: Museum Museet in Stockholm, National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, Tufts University Gallery in Boston, etc.

The original artistic achievements of Tarasewicz ensured him a top position among Polish painters and resulted in participation in many prestigious international exhibitions. It is worth mentioning especially the last one (painting 340 x 1350 cm) at the World Exhibition EXPO 2020 (Dubai, autumn 2021).

In March, a few days after his 65th birthday, the artist will present his latest paintings at the Ego Gallery.