About artist

Born in 1945. Studied at the Painting Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where he obtained a diploma in the atelier of prof. Krysytna Łada-Studnicka. Between 1972 and 1985 he was a lecturer at his alma mater. In 1981 he went on a scholarship at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, later – between 1990-1991 – at the Musée d`art Contemporain in Nimes. He participated in prestigious international art exhibitions, including: Biennale in Sao Paul (1987) and Deocumenta in Cassel (1992). In 1999 he received the Jan Cybis award for his artistic attainments.
The works of Tomasz Ciecierski are an afterthought on the essence of painting. He depicts the process of thinking about art and it’s media. In his early works he already depicted painting accessories as well as the process of creating a painting. Since the early nineties the main theme of his painting was landscape art, previously treated just as one of the elements of a painting’s structure. Realistic depictions from the beginnings of his career gradually became more and more synthetic, getting close to the boundaries of abstract art. From that moment on, Ciecierski – in a characteristic way – constructs his works by combining several individual fragments in one painting. He combines formally different elements which complete the main depiction. He’s more interested in the process rather than the product of art, he uses a technique of combining landscapes with abstract signs, sketches with a specific pictorial form.